The highest tunnel bridge is an architectural wonder

The first tunnel bridge has been created in China that is long enough to connect two bridges together. This tunnel has been opened up to the visitors who visit the place and can even travel over the bridge if they wish to. The article lets you have a glimpse of this magnificent feature. The feature here proudly stands out an excellence of architecture that is has been portrayed here. This is in fact the highest of such bridges that has been created. Though it looks dangerous, the structure is actually quite a sturdy one.

amazing place-Aizhai&TownBuildings

Image Source : Eric Sakowski /

amazing place-AizhaiWideView4

Image Source : Eric Sakowski /


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4-amazing place-Aizhai&Cables

5-amazing place -AizhaiAerial

6-amazing place-AizhaibyRichard

Image Source : Richard Scott.

7- amazing place -AizhaiDeckbyJohnMorrison

Image Source : John Morrison.

8- amazing place-Aizhai2013Wide

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9- amazing place-AizhaiSideView

10- amazing place-Aizhai3Sisters&Hotel

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11- amazing place-AizhaiLonglens

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12-Amazing place-AizhaiBridge&Trees2

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13-Amazing place-AizhaiShortTowerView3

The truss was nearly complete in mid-August 2011. Image Source : Eric Sakowski /

14- Amazing place-AizhaiShortTowerSide

Image Source : Eric Sakowski /

15- Amazing place-AizhaiLonglensByFilmer

Image Source : John Filmer.

16- Amazing place-AizhaiBridgeByPeter

Image Source : Peter Wu.

17- Amazing place-AizhaiRoadwayByPeter

Image Source : Peter Wu.

18-Amazing place-AizhaiNightWide

19-Amazing place-AizhaiNightWide2

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20- Amazing place-AizhaiNorthAnchorage2

The tunnel anchorage on the North side of Aizhai Bridge. Image Source : Eric Sakowski /

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